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    Quizpool - new composition


      We have prepared 46 questions and put them in a quiz-group in Adobe Presenter 7.0. The demand is that the training-participants have to solve the questions without any mistake - they have to reach 100 %. That works. BUT: the participants will not solve the quiz at the first time. If he couldn't reach 100 % the quiz will start once again. That also works. BUT: At the next try the participant should get 10 new questions - this doesn't work. There are always the same 10 questions. Has anybody an idea how to solve this problem?

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          flyingj481 Adobe Community Professional (Moderator)

          The function of allowing multiple attempts should be set at the server level. This means that if they don't pass the course, then they must re-access it from the server. The questions pulled from the question group are only done when the course loads. If they were to hit F5 (refresh the page) they would get new questions, but by retaking the quiz from within Presenter will only let them access the current instance of the quiz.

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            Hello Jorma,


            thank you for your fast reply!

            So you don't see any solution for this topic without reloading the whole course? Is there no other chance to re-generate questions from the question pool, if the user failed to answer all questions correct?

            Do you have an idea with which instruction the questions are generated from the question pool?

            My idea is to copy this instruction to a page before the quiz begins. If this page is opened, a new bunch of questions is generated...

            Sounds easy - but is it possible? Maybe somewhere within the *.xml files?


            Kind Regards,


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              flyingj481 Adobe Community Professional (Moderator)

              Feel free do dig around in the XML files. I don't recall seeing anything in them about loading the quiz. If you do find something, let us know.

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                TheLehmann Level 1

                Hello Jorma,


                I already did, too. For me it seems as if the instructions has to be within the *.swf files. Which makes it more complicated...

                Maybe within the viewer.swf, that is loaded at the beginning of the course!? Downloaded a decompliling tool and had a short view into it. Lots of stuff to read!



                If I have the time and mood to find something, I'll update you...