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    U.S.A license in Italy and viceversa.




      I just graduated at the Academy of fine arts, and I'd like to buy the Creative Suit!

      Now, since I'm planning to leave Europe for the U.S.A., I'd like to know if I can buy the Suit from the US Online store, and if there could be any license issue cross continent.


      I'd like to buy it in the USA for two reason:

           The price more convenient, and since I'm going to live in the USA I can't see why I should buy it in the Italian store. In addition to that I would have bught the English version      anyway!


      So, I hope it is possible, I can't wait to use my first personal Creative Suite, I was kind of bored by using the University one which was constantly messed up by other students!


      Thank you in advance for your support.