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    Next maint. release of FB3? issue #FB-9879 impediment

      Bug http://bugs.adobe.com/jira/browse/FB-9879
      FB-9879 DV doesn't render if application uses Cairngorm Enterprise

      Design View is unusable if you link to swc libs that reference mx.rpc.HTTPService. This is becoming a serious impediment to our development team as we have a highly modular HTTPService based application with several swc libs. The workaround that we are currently using is to link the other module sources to the swf project (or to each other), while still using the cairngorm.swc. This works, but it forces a compile of all AS classes from all modules for all projects, which increases compile times along with the configuration headache.

      This issue has been marked resolved and fixed in b184236.

      Can we get an updated FB3 beta build or a patch for this?