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    What are the best specs when building a PC for video & where to buy in US?

    jfk00ca Level 1

      Our current video machine has died - a problem we have constantly battled over the years with our video machines, primarily from the heat generated in the system. These have been spacious, well spec'd out desktops, so while I'm budget concious I thought I'd reach out for advice before going ahead. The biggest problems occur when  rendering video, esp. larger files.


      Also, I'm visiting the US for a few weeks, so that opens up some new possibilities (it's common to see much better pricing for systems in Canada than the US.)


      So my questions are two-fold.


      1) What would you recommend for buying a PC video machine today, while still on a budget? I would normally look for a higher end i7 processor, 16 Gb DDR3 ram, dedicated video card, ASUS motherboard with raid 0/5 and a couple of decent sized harddrives (not striped... had terrible experiences with my striped drives in the past). In particular, what would you recommend on the video card front for the best value/performance while not creating issues with heat (this is where I've had problems with a number of machines in the past)? In terms of harddrive management, are there some better options now for handling real time editing and rendering? (I would like to connect the 2 harddrives from the machine that has failed to the new machine.)


      2) I'm in Ft. Myers, FL for the next couple of weeks... what are some good options for either having a machine built or getting the parts to build myself? (I don't need an OS, but will install Win 7 Pro myself.) Normally I'd look to TigerDirect or CanadaComputers for a new system.


      My main use for the machine will be Premiere/After Effects, with some Photoshop/Illustrator.


      Any other advice/input on how to optimize the machine so that I don't have HDD issues and other isssues from overheating would be appreciated. Please keep in mind, I'm on a budget (which means I'd ideally like to spend between $800-$1300). :-)