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    Flesh & Java

      Hi everyone...

      I want to make a simple application that integrates a flesh interface with a Java back end. I am using Eclipse Europa (V3.3.1.1) to make the Java part, and Flex Builder 2 (2.0.1) to make the interface (separated IDEs, since Eclipse Europa does not support the flex builder plugin). It does not need to be complicated - just a "hello java" would be enough.

      Im am a newbie with flex, and I just dont know if it is possible. And if it is, how do I do it?
      If someone here have a link to a tutorial or some "how-to" that I could use, I'd be very glad :)
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          I would look into HTTPService. It's probably the easiest to integrate out of the gate. HTTPService gives you the ability to invoke a URL which can then return XML. It could be a jsp page, a php page, or a path to a servlet..

          In the future, you'll most likely want to look at Web Services, and LiveCycle Data Services. Which allows you to invoke methods on java objects using the MX:RemoteObject tag.