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    Tree with custom labels crashes during scrolling

      We have a tree that uses custom icons for different folder/data types. The tree contains about 150 items of around 15 types. The icons are assigned correctly and the tree works just fine.

      However: If we scroll the tree up and down, it eats up some resource, and after a couple of seconds of constant back and forth scrolling the app hangs up completely.

      The icons are embedded btw. If we don's use custom icons, then we don't get a crash here.

      Any idea what's going wrong here? What can be done to fix it?



      P.S. To create the we use a label function like this:

      public static function treeLabel(item:Object):String
      var node:XML = XML(item);
      var cType:String = node.@contentType.toString();

      var icon:Class = Assets.getInstance()["icon"+cType];
      _application.portalTree.setItemIcon(node, icon, icon);

      return node.@headline.toString();