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    Need to mask a color matte

    SeanH_bos Level 1

      Hi all,


      I'm (re) learning Premiere (CS6), transitioning off of FCP 7. In FCP 7, I constantly used the color matte feature, made it black, 70% opacity and added a soft focus to it (shown below).

      I do this to draw attention to an area of the screen I want the viewer to focus on (usually software demos highlighting a feature).


      In Premiere, I've gotten as far as adding a black color matte with 70% opacity. That covers the entire image with the matte. Now how do I cut through the matte? Scale Height/Width changes the matte itself, but I want to do the reverse, like the photo below. In FCP mattes can be scaled horizontally and vertically, producing the desired effect, below.

      I'm still learning this tool, so any help would be greatly appreciated!



      matte mask w blur.png

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          SeanH_bos Level 1

          I forgot to mention that I do the above in FCP by inverting the matte's horizontal and vertical shape. There's an invert checkbox in FCP, but not in Premiere...

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            SeanH_bos Level 1

            Also forgot to mention that I use the Mask Shape effect, which has the horizontal/vertical and invert controls. I'm tired today.


            However, I did some searching and found out that apparently this technique is called a "passe partout". You can apparently use the titler tool and draw a rectangle around the area you need that will produce a similar effect. I'll give that a try.

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              SeanH_bos Level 1

              Ok, I got the basic effect to work with some research. Turns out a white color matte with a four-point garbage matte and alpha adjust filter did the trick. I lowered the opacity on the main clip, and then adjusted the opacity settings on alpha adjust.  See screens below.

              Now, I just need to figure out how to get an edge feather or soften edges on the garbage matte. Any ideas?


              color matte 1 image settings copy.png

              color matte 2 matte settings copy.png

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                SeanH_bos Level 1

                Somehow, I am solving all my own problems tonight  

                Here's how I got it to work...a little complicated, but no AE required.

                color matte 1 image settings.png

                color matte 2 matte settings.png

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                  Steven L. Gotz Level 5

                  There are many ways to skin this cat. For nice straight lines like your example, try this:


                  For the purposes of being able to see this better, I created a green (0,0,255) matte to put on the sequence fist.


                  Create a title. Draw a rectangle that takes up approximately one third of the frame. I used a rectangle that is 1280X240. Set it to be 70% black.


                  Copy the rectangle and paste the copy at the bottom of the frame.


                  Your result should look like this:




                  When put over the timeline, apply a Fast Blur set to Vertical and 25% or so.


                  This isn't the best image for this example but it is what I had on hand:




                  For something a little different, use a track matte made with a title if you wish. With the original on track one and the copy on track two, darken the clip on track two. I prefer to darken track two and reverse but you can darken one if you wish. You can do this with Brightness and Contrast or you can get fancy with color correction.


                  Create a title with a white circle or oval or whatever, placed over the subject to be highlighted. (Multiple shapes can be combined in the title)


                  Apply the track matte to the clip on track two. Check the Reverse checkbox.


                  Simple. Looks like this:




                  I didn't blur the matte this time, but I could have. This one would be blurred in the vertical and in the horizontal.


                  Please note that this does not like changes to the Motion Effect. If you are resizing the clip or image, remember to put the matte in a new sequence and nest the new sequence to be used as the matte.


                  Now, if you really, really want to blur the edges of the garbage matte, apply the Roughen Edges effect, set the border to 25 and the edge sharpness to zero. Max out the scale for more accurate edges.



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                    Dave Merchant MVP & Adobe Community Professional

                    Many of the third-party color correction plugins will include their own masking tools - such as Magic Bullet - but of course they cost money.


                    You may also want to take a look at Power Window, which is donationware. It's not 100% stable at the moment but should be able to do everything you need in this case.

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                      Ann Bens Adobe Community Professional & MVP
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                        Steven L. Gotz Level 5

                        Wow! Creative Impatience. Not only a cool name, but cool tools as well.


                        Nice link. Thanks.

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                          SeanH_bos Level 1

                          This is cool and does exactly what I want, but it's roughly the same amount of steps as I documented above. I also played with darkening the duplicate clip on track 2 using Brightness and Contrast, and that oversaturated the image in an unpleasant way - I'd rather just rely on opacity here. The goal is, as a demo is talking to you, a quick opacity fade will occur, leaving a box or strip highlighting the area I want you to focus on.

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                            SeanH_bos Level 1

                            Winner winner chicken dinner!

                            Ann Bens wrote:



                            and its free.

                            This plugin is perfect, installed easily, and just works.

                            Ann, this saves me a TON of time, thank you so much for this!