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    Right click=crash!

    One Horse

      Just updated to 1.5 and got a bonus. If I right click anywhere on the stage or timeline I get an alert:


      An error occurred. Please save your work and restart Edge Animate.


      I have changed the mouse and keyboard out and get the same message.

      Running Mac OSX 10.6.8 on a Mac Pro.

      Guess I should have followed the old adage,"Never update in the middle of a project.".

      Is there a way to go back to ver.1?

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          jbowden Adobe Employee

          Hi there,


          I cannot reproduce this problem on my 10.6 test system. Any chance you could zip the file up and send me a link to it via personal message?




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            One Horse Level 1

            I shut the program down and restarted several times. And it kept giving me the error. Walked away for a couple of hours, restarted and now it works fine.....no error alert. I right clicked all over the place just to see if I could trigger it again. Nothing. Must have been a transient ghost or something.

            If it happens again tomorrow I'll reply to this post.