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    I don't know how to connect different projects

    gbrmk Level 1

      Hi,  I took several video clips last evening and edited each one separately, saving them as .prel files.   But when I came to try to open File-2.prel to add it to File-1.prel on the timeline, the message popped up, Did I want to save #1 first before closing it.   But I didn't want to close 1, or 2..3..n..., I want to add them together.


      I think I read something about this on an Amazon customer review, can't remember exactly, but something to the effect that you couldn't, in PE11, add one project to an existing project created somewhere else or at a different time.


      All my .prel files in the above quoted exercise were saved in the same folder, and checking it I find that all the usual folders that Elements creates are within that folder, as well as all the .prel files.


      Is it the case (again vaguely remembering the Amazon review) that you have to export each project as a finished video, eg .mov, .avi (or whatever), and *then* simply re-import them back into Elements again?


      Thanks in advance for help re this.

      all best