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    Photoshop handling a specific file VERY SLOW Ideas?


      I work with large format files all the time, (I do vehicle and building wraps) My computer is equipped to handle these size files (i7 3770k - 32gb ram - gt640 - separate ssds for boot, scratch, and multiple highspeed drives for storage) I'm working with a cube van file that I created and saving it took several hours, I gave up and remade the job, I flattened all smart layers down and minimized  as much from the file as possaible. I'm running 100% efficency about 10-20gb of ram is being used (I have more then that allocated to photoshop) and the cpu is averaging around 20 - 35% usage for HOURS while it saves or runs a copy operation. last week I made a job the same size (same type of cube van different layout) file size is just shy of 30000 pixels by about 10000 and it flys has more layers of higher complexity (smart layers,  shape layers and 3D layers) and yet the current file is just running like crap. I tried saving to multiple drives all with the same result. I tried opening it up on my macbook (16gb ram seperate ssd scratch - Which can handle these files albeit a tad slower) and it locked up after opening the file with the cpu went through the roof fan sounded like a jet taking off and I could feel it running hot... anyway anyone run into this before these job destroyed my holiday monday as I was stuck waiting all day on it to just save ended up letting it run all night... anyone want to see if there computer can handle opening and saving the file? Is it somehow my system let me know and I'll drop a yousendit download link of the file and see if you have any suggestions. (file is only 690 mb and about 3gb in memory when open so it seems like some kinda of problem with photoshop itself and this file.