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    Trouble duplicating files

    frumentios Level 1

      I created the following interactive tabbed page using Edge Animate.


      Now I need to duplicate it in four other languages. The problem is, when I copy the files and try to make changes, something happens and the formatting doesn't display in the browser. It shows as a blank page. This happens with the smallest change.

      When I do a "view source," the only thing I notice between the original files and copied/changed files is that the line:

      <script type="text/javascript" src="http://ajax.googleapis.com/ajax/libs/chrome-frame/1/CFInstall.min.js"></script>

      Is missing from the copied version.

      Another odd behavior I noticed is that, whenever you open the file, it defaults to the condition of having unsaved changes (with the asterisk next to the title) – whether you've done anything or not. All you have to do then is click 'save' and the file gets screwed up and doesn't preview (as desicribed above).

      Anyone else experience this?

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          elainecc Adobe Employee

          Hi, frumentios-


          It sounds like you might have copied and tried to open the published version of the files - did you copy all of the project files, or just the HTML?  If you just copied over the HTML, Animate will create project files for it, which means it switches to unsaved state.  That being said, opening up published files is an unsupported workflow (meaning: your mileage may vary, and we don't recommend that you do so).



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            frumentios Level 1

            Hi Elaine,


            Yes, I copied all the project files. Out of curiosity, I just tried it again, copying only the html and the same thing happened (it doesn't display in the browser).


            How do I nullify the published status of the project, so I can work with the files again and make changes?





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              jbowden Adobe Employee

              Hi there,


              Have you tried doing a File > Save As to a new directory? Don't do it with your published file - do it with the project composition you first started working with in EA.




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                frumentios Level 1

                Thanks. That was the problem. I didn't realize I was working with a "published" file and that you can't edit such files.