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    Question About Pixel Aspect Ratio Correction...

    soloalpinist Level 1

      I'm using Photoshop CS5.  I'm creating a New Document with the Film and Video Preset.  When I drag an image into the document I get the warning "Pixel Aspect Ratio Correction for preview... Turn off for image quality."


        I have the Preset set for NTSC DV Widescreen (I'm creating a Menu for Encore in Photoshop)


      My Questions are: ...


      Do I edit the image in Photoshop with the PAR Correction turned ON or OFF?


      Should my  Image look "normal" (ie: as a regular jpg file opened in PS)  when PAR Correction is ON... ?  Or should it look "normal" when PAR Correction is OFF?


      If I'm loading a JPG into the document should I scale it with PAR Correction ON or OFF?


      Thanks in advance for any input...