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    OpenLibrary.com with Digital Editions 2.0


      Using OpenLibrary.com.  with Digital editions 1.7 I could click on "borrow book" then click "open" and the borrowed book would download directly to Digital Editions.


      I upated to 2.0 and that no longer works! 


      ADOBE support tells me I have to


      1) click on the book I want to borrow,

      2) click "save as" which saves a file called URLLINK.acsm.

      3)THEN I need to leave the programs an open windows explorer and

      4)drag the "URLLINK.acsm" file to Adobe Digital Editions 2.0 and finally the borrowed book appears in my library.


      1 step with Digital Editions 1.7 

      3 step process with Digital Editions 2.0.


      Is there an easier way?????