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    Big problems with blue and purple areas in images... Help?


      Hi all,


      I recently upgraded(?) to CS6, and I'm seeing some really weird stuff in Lightroom. Any help would be hugely appreciated!


      Here's the gist of it: I was hired to shoot an event at a church, and in any images that have areas of blue or purple, the colors are being interpreted incorrectly in Lightroom and Bridge. Check the attached images to see what I'm talking about. The images look fine at first, but as soon as Lightroom loads them fully, any areas of blue or purple are turned bright, primary blue. I thought it might be just a rendering error in Lightroom, but if I export a JPEG, it looks the same, with the weird blue areas. I'm really mystified.


      In the first image, you can see an image as it's loading, with the correct purple gradent behind the band. In the second, Lightroom has decided that whole area should be rendered as a uniform, primary blue. In the third image you can see the thumbnails at the bottom of the screen, with the on-stage decorations rendered correctly. The fourth picture is a few seconds later, after Lightroom has worked it's magic on all of them. On an unrelated note, the worship leader's expression is really funny in the third and fourth images.


      Again, I would be immensely grateful for any help. Specs:


      OSX 10.8.2

      Camera Raw 7.3

      Lightroom 4.3


      Canon 7D, 60D




      Paul Bryant