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    Starting a newspaper


      I'm starting a newspaper. It will be 66 pages of full color mugshots and ads; bi-monthly run of 20K (per run). Planning to use InDesign. I need to buy a computer - what kind of computer do I need? How much memory? GeForce? Help!!


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          Do you prefer Mac or PC? Buy a machine with the fastest CPU and as much RAM as you can afford. ID is less fussy about video cards, though I recommend something with at least 1 GB of onboard video RAM on general principles.


          ID is still a 32-bit program, so it cannot address more than a little less than 4 GB of RAM, but more will help you run multiple programs at the same time (like Photoshop), and in my experience the brand of video card isn't too important, though I've been partial to Radeon cards for awhile (I sometimes buy less expensive brands with Radeon chipsets).