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    How do I paste/paint/duplicate typeface/rectangle attributes to multiple titles with existing texts?

    George in Seattle Level 1

      I have about 20 titles with caption boxes of text I created with the intention of refining them later, after the video took shape.  I have adjusted the first title exactly as I want it.  Now the problem is I cannot see how to apply all these font and rectangle adjustments to all the other titles that I have spent much time carefully positioning in the video.   Depending on the app, this ability is called: paste, paint, clone, duplicate, etc.


      When I saw the "Paste Attributes" option on one of the context menus I had just assumed there was a paste attribute/setting function similar to what Adobe Lightroom has.  However  the Paste Attributes function does not appear for selected text rectangles, and it doesn't appear to work at all when the whole title is selected and pasted to.  I'm thinking "Paste Attributes" doesn't do what it's name implies.  "Duplicating" titles will not work here because my titles aready exist as prototypes, and are now precidely arranged in the sequence.  The caption fonts and design were to be the last thing I would work on.  Since there are many font settings, this would be very tedious to do manually.


      Is there any way to do what I am trying to do, without having to reposition 19 new titles?