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    Flash player  request that I reinstall it  every time i reboot my computer


      I just  uninstalled  flash player  using  the  adobe  uninstaller,   following  the   steps,   it  installed  successfully.  


      Tonight  I got  message  up  saying  I  had  to  install  flash player  to  enter  Game Ranger  It reinstalls the same version.


      Every  time  I  shut  down  computer  and  come  back  I  have  to  reinstall  Flash  player  again. when I go to Game Ranger.   I uninstalled Game Ranger  and it made no difference.   Other people  using this site do not have this issue.   


      I have Windows 7 64 bit  Ultimate  and my default browser is Firefox. 


      I did  deep scan on computer and have no problems, no  malware  etc.


      Does anyone have any suggestions.   This  worked fine  until a couple months ago   now i have this problem



      Thanks in advance


      Krafty_Host  (Tressie)