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    How do I force InDesign ME to keep the L-R direction of neutral characters between Heb. words

    Pere Casanellas

      When importing left to right paragraphs with some Hebrew words or phrases inserted, sometimes the neutral characters (spaces, punctuation) which were typed left to right between Hebrew words and appear in Microsoft Word also as left to right, in InDesign Middle Eastern appear as right to left:





      Copying the text to Microsoft Word causes the order of neutral characters to be again left to right!


      I could not guess in what cases this  happens to me. I can of course correct this selecting each instance of neutral characters and changing their direction, or inserting Left to Right Unicode Markers in the appropriate places. But I would like to know if there is a way to:

      1. Import Microsoft Word being sure that InDesign ME will not ignore the direction of left to right neutral characters as they are in Microsoft Word.
      2. Correct globally the direction of neutral characters in a document that was incorrectly imported to InDesign ME.


      Thanks in advance for your help.