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    Class file not getting generated for jsp tag file


      We have a jsp tag file which we use for a custom tag in our jsps.

      We are facing an issue that the class file for this tag file is generated only sometimes and not everytime when we deploy the code.  We get NoClassDefFound error on runtime even if there are no changes in the tag file.

      The class file should be generated at the following path-




      There are other tag files also in our code-base but we face issue in this particular tag file only. Sometimes when the same code is deployed on different environments, the class file is generated on one environment and not in another. E.g. it is generated on author instance and not on publish instance.


      If anyone has faced such issue of class file not getting generated from tag file,  please let us know the resolution.

      Or any pointers for identifying any problem in specific tag file which could cause this issue will also be helpful.


      Please let me know if any further details are required to clarify the issue.