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    Corrupted JPG files

      I used Fireworks MX to edit and save my JPG files (originally as PNG files) and somehow one day they became corrupted and unreadable. I tried to open them with other photo programs such as Adobe Photoshop and no other programs were able to open and read the .jpg files, too. I tried e-mailing a photo to my friend for him to open on his computer and he wasn't able to read the file either. Here's a strange thing...Icons would appear on my Picture folders all right before really entering/opening the folder but when i enter the folder, all thumbnails would show the Fireworks logo on them and each file would not open properly. I even tried to change the extension back to .png and it still wouldn't work. And, all new photo files edited and saved after whatever happened to me on whatever day are all fine and i can open them over and over without any problems. So all JPG files before whatever happened to me on whatever day are corrupted. Is there any way i could recover those files??

      Sarah C
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          heathrowe Most Valuable Participant
          You still have the .png's - best to resave them as .jpg.

          As for the damaged .jpgs, the only way for us knowing is if you knew or could remember the exact process in which it occurred?

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            Jaroba Level 1
            That's the problem...I had no idea my JPG files became unreadable until sometime later on and realized they all became corrupted somehow. So i don't know when exactly this happened but i do remember Fireworks or Macromedia itself creating some weird issues when my friend installed Macromedia's programs on my laptop (Windows XP). However, at first i was able to open and edit my JPG files in Fireworks then it automatically changed my files to PNG. I changed them back to JPG and set Adobe Photoshop as the default program to open and view my JPG files. Later on, Fireworks, for some reason, took over that default without me changing Fireworks as the default program. I think i did try to re-install Fireworks but i cannot really remember...I guess i'm at a big loss here with losing the photos due to not being able to remember what exactly had happened. This happened months & months ago and i finally got around to trying to do something about it only perhaps too late...
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              > programs on my laptop (Windows XP). However, at first i was able to open
              > and
              > edit my JPG files

              You shouldn't edit JPG files. consider them 'end of life' file formats. Any
              edits should be done to the original PNG/TIF/What-Have-You files and then
              re-exported as a JPG.

              Not sure how photoshop got into the loop, but remember that Photoshop can
              save CMYK JPGs, which won't work in some browsers. could that be the issue?