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    Why do i lose my variables after exit of function? [CS6-js]

    Beliakov Level 1

      i try to read from my file (if it exists) string for getting  print style name. I did this in function.

      var mSty = ''; // initiated variable

      var mIs; // var for exist-yes/no-indicator


      function findFile(mIs, mSty) {

      fname = app.activeDocument.filePath + '/' + 'prn_style.txt';

          if(!File(fname).exists) {

              mIs = false




                  mIs = true

                  var f = File(fname); ////////////////////////


                      while(!f.eof) {

                      mSty = f.readln();   



          } // end if exists

      return mIs;

      return mSty; ///// here "mSty" stil DOES exist...


      ///////and here "mSty" already DOESN't exit. Why?

      if (mSty == null) alert ('no file') else alert(mSty);


      So i can't get a string from file, cause variable dissapears.

      In breif: i need to get two variables from one function.