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    newPackagingParams breaks release build "output file is not writable"


      I've the following bit,


           <Parameter location="placeBefore" name="-c" placeBefore="-extdir" value="assets ."/>


      within <newPackagingParams> in <airSettings> in <buildTarget> in my .actionScriptProperties.


      Unfortunately, adding just that simple piece totally breaks whatever command is run in the backgroun.  The reason I say whatever command, is because when I click "Show command", everything looks nearly perfect as to what the command line should.  But, when it runs, I get a big fat adt error, "Output file is not writeable".  It's pointed to build to 'bin-release' and if I take out any additional parameters from there, and leave it building to there, no error.  The only time things go wrong / crazy is when I add in any additional parameter.