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    Background colour appearing in text box?

    WillGets Level 1

      Hi. One two of my text boxes there is background colour appearing. I did not put it in there and it just suddenly appeared.


      On the top left of the properties panel, where the name of the itme appears, there is a button to select between Div and cod and h1 and p etc. And when I experiment and change between the different options sometines this is removing background of one of them and then when I select the other one and change the option, it is removing the background, but then the original one goes back to having a background. See image below.


      I only mention the paragrph above becuase it seems to makr a difference but I have no idea why or what the solution is.


      What I think I am looking to do is get into the code and delete the CSS which is giving the text a background. There does not seem to be an option in the properties to add or remove a text background.