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    Conditional Form Elements - Disable element depending on number of responses


      I am creating a registration form for summer camps.  It is being linked to PayPal - that's all working very well.  I love the way it is shaping up!



      I would like to be able to add a conditional element to some of the sessions as some of the summer camps have a ceiling on the number of allowable students (different camps have different limits).   Please allow me to disable specific checkboxes based on the number of registrations received.  Please also enable a customizable field to appear once that limit has been reached so that a box will appear with my note saying "sorry, camp is full."


      We have a lot of camps available.  To manually disable each camp as it is full is do-able, but is very tedious and time-consuming and clunky.


      Is there a way to do this now -- and I am just missing it?  I'm hoping so -- please let me know.


      Thanks much!