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    How to import original clips edited in After Effects into Adobe Premiere, without the After Effects


      What is the quickest and easiest way to bring clips that were edited within after effects into adobe premiere? I just want the original clip as it is cut, without any of the after effects manipulation. I am trying to gather the cuts of a green screen project together that was compiled and edited within Adobe After Effects, so they can be rekeyed. I want to detach all effects work, and just have a straight green screen cut of the original files. Each cut though, is its own compilation. Simply importing to a new sequence doesn't seem to be the answer because I first have to uncheck many effects to find the original clip buried beneath layers of mattes and various effects. I have probably 400 different cuts, and currently my workflow is super slow just searching for the original clip in after effects, looking for the time code, then matching the original clip and timecode into Premiere. Is there a faster an easier workflow?


      Thank you