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    PE workflow and HDD useage


      I know that some of my post is software oriented but PE involves both software and hardware.  I have plowed through many pages of discussions and have not found one that addresses my main questions.  Please excuse me if these questions have been answered already.


      I am in the process of developing my workflow for PE11 and would appreciate some advice regarding hard drive utilization.  Please excuse my ignorance pertaining to the software.  I am an experienced Lightroom user and am venturing into high def video.  I will be purchasing a new camcorder probably the Panasonic HCX920 for recording my two kids and their sports activites.


      My computer currently consists of an i5 3.3GHz quad core 6MB CPU with 16GB of RAM.  I use an intel 520 240GB SSD for the OS.  I have a 4TB Ready NAS that I use for Lightroom.  I also have an external 1TB HD that I use to back up everything.  I also use a cloud service for off site back up.


      I just finished transferring 40 Mini DV tapes from the last 15 years and I now realize that I need more HDD space going forward for High def video.  I have read many posts that The NAS is not the best storage solution for video.  That is what I have used to capture the mini DV but I have not done any editing.


      My plan is to purchase a second 240GB SSD for scratch functions.  I plan to add a 4TB WD black internal HDD for storing captured unedited video as well as edited output.  I would also add a second 4TB HDD to backup the 1st.  I would prefer to use a hardware raid setup but it's not in the budget.  I will manually do the backups for now.


      Assuming that I am on the right track here I am confused as to how the workflow will happen.  I want to do any editing as well as other scratch functions that should be done on the SSD. Do I capture the video and set the capture location in PE11 to the SSD, edit the footage then export the final version to the 4TB HDD and also transfer the unedited capture to a different folder using my own naming convention on the 4TB drive for permanent storage?  The part of the process that I do not fully understand is when do I create the new project and how does PE keep track of where everything is located if I am moving things around.


      Once the editing is done on the SSD and I have archived the captured video to the 4T HDD and I have exported the final output I would delete the capture from the SSD and start a new editing session.  If I use the SSD for other scratch functions are they rewritten for each project or are they permanent and will I eventually run low on space.



      Jon B.