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    PPT Animations on Quiz slide

      Are PowerPoint animations not supported on a quiz slide? They work in PPT, but after you publish, they do not work. Is this a bug? Not supported?
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          flyingj481 Adobe Community Professional (Moderator)
          PPT animations are supported, and will work. But quiz slides are already loaded with animations and setting up the timing for new animations is going to be a bear. Meaning, you would have to take the time to figure out when you want the animation to happen, put it in the correct place and then workout the timing for it. In the end this may be more work than it's worth, but make sure you have the custom animations menu open and add the animation to the correct animation to create a group of animations that happen on a certain click. That may be the easy fix, but don't know for sure it that will work.

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            dwrobertson Level 1
            Thanks for the tip. I tried, but am getting the same result. I made sure the animation that I wanted to "fly in" was set up to do that when someone chooses the correct answer. It works just fine when I play it in slideshow mode in PPT. however, once I publish it in Presenter and get to that quiz slide, the animation is already visible on the screen (no fly in). It's visible right away, even before I click on the right answer.