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    Presenter 7 - Applying Quick Styles to Text Box Messes Up Presentation Order on Slide

    SteveCTWriter Level 1

      On some slides I create, I need to highlight some important information and I do this by inserting another text box on top of the current text box and then applying a Quick Style to that new text box. After I set my animation order (with this new text box being the last to display), I notice that after I publish the file locally to review the presentation, this new text box (and text inside) does not follow the animation order that was set - it always displays FIRST on the slide, and all the bulleted text displays at once (instead of "Start on Click" for each bullet point).


      The workaround for this bug (and I can't describe it any other way) is to re-create the Quick Style manually using discrete elements:

      1. Insert a shape (say rectangle)
      2. Insert a text box and add/format your text
      3. Format the rectangle (I use a gradient in the background)
      4. Align the text box over the shape.
      5. Do NOT group the objects.
      6. Set the animation order.


      It's a slight pain, but at least when you publish it, the animation order will be correct.