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    Lib for Objects

    Mc Herbig

      I just started learning Indesign. I was wondering if there is something like a Lib in Flash where you can place objects / groups and paste it into the doc.

      what i want to do


      On the left side is a small picture (kind of like a profile picture) and under that picture is a small text box which contains a date
      To the right there is another Text Box with a header and normal text. There is also a line which divides the headline and basic text.to


      Is it possible to make something like a prefab where i build that group with dummy text and i can just drag it on my doc and replace the text with the printable text. And when i want to change the layout of that group i just have to do it once (for example the picture goes on the right side and the line should be removed and a box has to be around it something like that) and it changes all my object groups. I hope you get what i mean. Would be great if someone could explain, how that could work if it is possible


      Thank you very much for any help!


      Best regards from germany