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    FAQ: How do I edit photos in Revel?

    Scott V Adobe Employee (Admin)

      Start by installing Adobe Revel to your iPhone, iPad, Mac, or Android device. Tell family and friends who will be

      viewing your Adobe Revel photos to install the apps, too.


      When you're sharing photos with friends and family, you want them to look their best so that everyone gets to experience and enjoy the moment as much as you did. That’s why we built intuitive and powerful editing tools right into Revel. Make every moment look exactly how you want to remember it with ease.



      Editing Photos in Revel


      You can edit a photo on your Mac, iPad, or iPhone using Adobe Revel. Changes are saved to your photo library, so

      the photo looks the same on any device.  The Revel cloud keeps a copy of your full res originals. Edits in  revel are non-destructive, so your original is always preserved (unedited). When you export photo (MAC) Save to Camera Roll (iOS), that's when Revel applies your edits. On iOS the preview is used. on MAC the full resolution of the original is used to generate the new edited photo.



      Add adjustments to your photos

      Go to the photo you wish to edit.

      Click on the +- Edit button on the bottom center of the page on the iPad or the iPhone.

      Select a preset adjustment look or adjust red eye, crop, or rotate.

      With Revel’s intuitive and powerful editing tools, it’s lots of fun to make your photos look better. Crop and use one-touch filters to get professional results with ease, or use the adjustment sliders when you want to experiment with lighting, color, and sharpness.


      Use the crop and red-eye removal tools help you create the perfect memory by eliminating unwanted parts of a photo. And when you have a special memory, use the advanced controls in Revel to give it a look all your own.


      Edits you make to a photo appear when you view the photo on any device. Because Adobe Revel saves the edits as separate instructions rather than as changes to the original photo, you can always undo any edits you've made. For example, you can select a black-and-white look, and then if you change your mind, tap or click Undo. If you make a series of edits and then change your mind, tap or click Cancel.


      To improve lighting or contrast, tap or click Adjustments. Drag the White Balance, Exposure, and Contrast sliders to achieve the effect you want. Tap or click the two-way  arrows (see image below) for additional sliders that give you finer control


      Looks: Turn a photo into an amazing photo with a single tap. With  24 different photo filters it's easy to create a photo that will impress your friends and family.


      Adjustments: Use the advanced controls to adjust the  color, lighting, and sharpness of your photos.

      • White Balance: Adjust the temperature & tint
      • Exposure: Corrects the exposure, highlight & shadow
      • Contrast: Adjust the contrast, clarity & vibrance


      When clicking on "Compare", you can see the before and after preview of the changes that you made. If you want to reset your changes back to

      the original image, just click "Undo"



      iPhone Users:  There is  an "undo" button and "compare" button so you can see the before and after result for adding an adjustment to your image.




      Red Eye


      Using Revels Red Eye removal is easy. Just click on the "Auto Detect & Correct" or click on the persons eyes in your image  as Revel will automatically correct the red eyes.


      Crop & Rotate

      • Crop: To remove unwanted areas of the photo, tap or click Crop & Rotate. Drag a corner or side of the frame to resize it. Drag the photo itself to reposition it. Pinch your fingers open to zoom in on the photo within the frame.


      • Rotate: To rotate the photo, tap or click Crop & Rotate. Then, tap or click the Rotate Left or Rotate Right icon; or tap or click the Flip Horizontal or Flip Vertical icon.



      Actions Menu

      • Add Photo to Album: Add your photo to a new album or existing album in your library
      • Export Current Version: Exports the current version of the image that you have applied any adjustments to
      • Export Original: Exports the original image with out any adjustments applied.
      • Duplicate Photo: Duplicates the photo & stores the image in the same library.
      • Copy to Clipboard: This will copy the image to your computers clipboard, then you can paste your image into various applications like Elements 11

      actions menu.jpg



      Iphone Users: You can share your photos via e-mail or upload your images directly to Facebook, Flickr, Twitter & Tumblr.


      Actions Menu

      • Add Photo to Album: Add your photo to a new album or existing album in your library
      • Save Current to cameral roll: Exports the current version of the image that you have applied any adjustments to
      • Save Original to cameral roll: Exports the original image with out any adjustments applied.



      Storing your original photos When you import a photo, Adobe Revel uploads a copy of the original to the cloud.

      By default, Adobe Revel also stores a copy of the original on your computer in /Pictures/Adobe Revel Library

      The files are stored in a "package" titled Adobe Revel Library. Control click on the package and select "Show Package Contents" from the menu. Then you will be able to view the images in the finder window.



      When working with a single photo,  click on the "STAR" to mark your photo as a favorite. The image will show with a star under the "Favorites" in your Revel library.


      Add captions to your photos

      Create lasting memories by preserving all the info and details related to each of your photos.



      Deleting photos

      Be careful! Deleting a photo removes it from Revel on all your devices, not just the one you're working on. Make sure you really don't want the photo anymore before you delete it.


      For example: If you delete the image on your phone or iPad, the image will also be deleted from the Adobe Revel Library in the /Pictures/Adobe Revel Library directory on your computer. Its always a good practice to back up your images to a location on your hard drive.