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    Robohelp 10 not wysiwig: Design pod vs. preview and output

    gods of Ironing Level 1

      Converting MSWord docx files to WebHelp w/RH10.


      Using imported CSS.


      In the Design pod the output looks spaced as expected but in Preview (CTRL + W) or actual output, the spacing is all wrong. It is as though my CSS is not being enforced.


      BUT then i select some paras and reapply the style from the Style drop down or S&F pod, and then the out put looks correct in the Preview and final output.


      BUT I check the HTML code before and after reapplying the style to the paras and I see no difference. It just kind of magically makes the output look spaced correctly even even though I can see not code difference in the HTML.


      I am converting books and cannot be highlighting every para to reapply styles ;-)


      Please advise if anyone out there in RoboLand has a hint.