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    Trying to show() and play() a symbol from inside another symbol


      Hi Everyone !

      I'm running into a problem which is getting me crazy.


      I have the following case :

      - 1 symbol (_Page_Background) containing an animation with the following trigger @0s :


      // Hiding the symbol

      // Stop it



      - 1 element (B_TOYS), inside of a symbol (BUTTONS) with the following "click" trigger :


      // Showing the _Page_Background symbol


      // Start playing it



      The Symbol _Page_Background starts hidden, like it should. But when I click on the button (B_TOYS), nothing happens. Although, everything was working correctly before I turned my buttons into symbols ..
      I guess the problems lies with the "show()" function, because I have other buttons that work properly but they don't show/hide anything, they just play()


      Am I missing something ?!


      Thanks in advance for your kind help !