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    Simple Director Movie Question

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      I am very new to director, but I need to get this "slideshow" made for our company.

      Details are as follows:

      I have static images and movie clips that I need to display on a tv at a trade show

      I need the movies/images to just keep looping until someone presses a button at which point it will load a flash file ( I think I figured that out)

      my question is,

      I'm sure I can just drag the length of the movies and images across the score so they play for the duration of each movie (I figured out how to delay the images on the screen) but there must be a more organized way for me to tell director "Play this move for the duration of 2:30 then go onto the next frame on the score to play whats next"

      I tried the MovieDelay command which works fine for the static images, but when I put that on the movie, it plays the sound, but pauses the video.

      I just cant find the right direction to look for the answer

      Screen Shot 2013-02-20 at 1.31.03 PM.png