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    Cannot Connect to UpdateServer or Registration


      Hi, I just purchased Photoshop Elements 11 and installed it.

      When trying to register I am getting a "Network Error. Try again later." message.

      When trying to update I am getting "Update Server is not responding. ... Error code U41M1C212".


      I am using a Windows 7 64bit computer.

      I allready tried to disable Firewall and Virus Protection without a result.


      googling U41M1C212 resultet in Adobe seems to have a problem trying to find the correct network adapter when trying to connect.

      The usual remedy seems to be to just disable all network adapters except the one you need for Internet access.

      I am having a LAN adapter and a ppp dial up adapter on my machine.

      I am using the Dial up for internet access. But I cannot disable the LAN since the Dial up uses the LAN.


      can anybody help me?


      thank you


      PS: Just a short update. I seem to have solved the problem of updating PSE by try-and-error-method.

      I saw that it uses the Adobe Application Manager to update so I googled it and found a downloadable version of it.

      Assuming that it is newer (you cannot check the version of the AAM when it is automatically installed with PSE) I downloaded and installed it.

      Now I seem to be able to update parts of the PSE installation automatically.

      The problem with registration remains though.

      I have installed Lightroom 4.1 as well and it seems to have the same problem (although it does not use the AAM).

      I had to update to Lightroom 4.3 manually... but registration & automatic updates are still not working...