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    FrameMaker 11 file link broken when published out to RoboHelp 10




      I have the Adobe Technical Communication Suite 4 and am trying to test publish a FrameMaker 11 file out through
      the FrameMaker publish button to WebHelp (by way of RoboHelp 10).


      In the FrameMaker 11, file, I have a link to a PDF that sits down in a subfolder.  I have used the following approach:


      1. Highlighted text in a FrameMaker table.

      2. Chose Special>Hyptertext

      3. From the Hypertext panel, I selected Message Client from the Command drop down menu

           and in the syntax field I entered:  message openfile Foldouts/Foldout1.pdf

      4. I then tested the link in FrameMaker by using ALT and CTRL and it works.

      5. Next, I saved the FrameMaker file as a PDF (File>Save As PDF) and tested the PDF.  The PDF links work.



      So with all that said, how come I can't select File>Publish>WebHelp and have the link information carry through to the WebHelp HTM output?

      I tried this Publish option straight out of the box and it did not work.  I also tried creating a custom RoboHelp template (.XPJ file) and it did not work.


      I believe there is a PgfId marker that is generated when the Hyptertext is created in FrameMaker (using the process stated above), but that marker is not getting
      translated into an HREF, once it gets published out through RoboHelp 10.


      I also tried saving the FrameMaker 11 file directly as an HTML file using the FrameMaker 11 - File>Save As HTML process, but no links carried through
      using that process either.


      I do not know if this is a FrameMaker issue or a RoboHelp issue, so I am now posting this in both forums.


      If someone could point me in the right direction, I would really appreciate it.


      Are there certain steps one must do to preserve FrameMaker Hypertext links that get published out through RoboHelp 10 to WebHelp?


      Thanks in advance for your suggestions.