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    I'm having a keystroke issue...


      Hey, recently I've noticed that, when editing. I'll hit say, the delete key, to obviously delete the selected section.... and it doens delete.

      I end up hitting it a few times, sometimes twice, sometime three times before it will actually delete the section. Sometimes I end up hitting it three time thinking I'll save time and well I delete more that I wanted... and have to undo.


      This also happens when I have a few clips selected and I hit the mute hot key I created. It doesnt do anything. Which makes me panic, and think that I have someone that I DIDNT want muted to mute, casue when I hit it the second time it will unmute (the section started muted)... aka does it mute a part, then unmute everything...?


      Damn confusing right? Well the short version is. Audition isnt taking my keystroke and doing what its suppose to.


      I am running a Macbook pro, and this problem happens both when I'm just running the laptop by itself on my lap, and when I have it plugged into my workstation with external screen, keyboard and mouse.


      I've recently started to think its an issue with the magic trackpad Im using (LOVE IT btw, try editing with that... it will change your life)

      but even when my hands are off the trackpad the issue happens....



      Hope that all makes sense... and any ideas would be AWESOME



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          SteveG(AudioMasters) Level 7

          Must be a Mac thing... never had this happen on a PC. Delete key just deletes what's highlighted, when you press it once.

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            Alright this is still a problem.

            Is no one else having it? I thought it might just be the computer I was using, and the session(s) I was using...plus other factors (using an external display, keybaord and all that) All those things might tax the prosccessor right?


            BUT, Now I've switched to a more powerful machine, not using such large sessions. Plus today (when it happend real bad, more on that ins a sec) I was just using the laptops display.


            So today it did this twice, I would hit spacebar (to play) then I would hit space again to stop it.... and it didnt stop.

            So I hit space a few more times.... and nothing, kept playing.

            Eventually it stopped.

            Then it happend again about 15 min after, this time it played for at least 30 sec before stopping. VERY frustrating.


            Plus I am sitll having to hit keys more than once still, it just happnes less often now that I've changed machines.


            This is a real problem. I'd love to know if anyone else is having this issue? Im running on the most current version of the MAC OS.


            Side note: thins upgrading to CC might fix this? or would it stay the same? CC does take advantage of the 64bit right?


            Thanks in advance!