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    Cannot delete a pdf file


      After opening and closing a pdf file in the latest version of Adobe Reader, I've noticed a bug. When I try to delete the recently viewed pdf file, I can't because Windows says that the program is open in another program. However, when I click details, there are no details. This is exasperating. I have never had this problem before when I've worked with pdf files. Please help.

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          MichaelKazlow CommunityMVP

          I have had this happen with many different programs including Word and Excel. Some programs do not release their hold on files, until they quit, others until they have finished writting to disk. You might think when you close a file, the program and OS should commit the changes and let the file go. Alas, sometimes the program and/or OS says I'll do it, just wait until I get around to it.


          Quitting the program is sometimes the only way to get the program and/or OS to let go of the file.

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            pwillener CommunityMVP

            Check with the Task Manager's Processes tab if AcroRd32.exe is still running in the background.  If so, end the process.

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              jadd66 Community Member

              When this bug occurred again, I did open task manager, but AcroRd.exe wasn't running. I did close adobe update that was running, but that didn't help. However, I am given an option in my windows folder to permanently delete the file in question (as opposed to just moving the file to the recycle bin) and that worked. Thank you for your suggestions.

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                Confused of Eastbourne

                Thank you for the info re making the delete permanent rather than sending to the recycle bin.  seems to be a bug in the interface twixt Reader XI and Win 8.1 that stops a simple "send to recycle" working.