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    Robohelp 10 - where an I get some decent, helpful user documentation as a potential new user


      I am running a trial version of Robohelp 10, with a view to buying it as the single-source authoring tool for a company I am working for as a contract technical author and consultant. However, the user documentation delivered with this product is very poor. It is missing a level of information - the 'overview' level that explains the steps required to actually set up a project and getting it to generate output in various formats.


      The user guide I have gives lots and lots of detail about the individual features of the product, but has no explicit information about how they hang together to create output.


      What I need is something that says 'First create a project, then create master pages. Then create your topics and (do this) to get them included in your generated output.' At the moment I have 422 pages of documentation, but am having to go scavenging for information on what I need to do to get it all to work together.


      I have ordered “Adobe RoboHelp HTML 10: The Essentials” by Kevin Siegel but had to buy this off the US site, and it will take weeks to arrive. Can anybody out there direct me to a source that will give me the level of information I need before that, please? Thanks in advance!