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    Simple Division in Acrobat Field


      I have a field in Acrobat that I type in the number of homes that were sold in the previous 90 days, this will always be a whole number.  I've formatted the field as a number with 0 decimal places.


      I have another field that I want to just take that field and divide by 3 to give me the average number of homes sold per month for the past 3 months.  I have this field formatted as a number with 2 decimal places.


      I am also getting the "The Value Entered does not match the format of the field [field name]" error which I understand is a divide by 0 error.


      I would like a quickie script that solves both the error and does the simple division.  I know nothing about JavaScript.  I was just hoping in Simple Notation I could put in FIELDNAME/3 and that would work, but apparently not.


      Any help would be GREATLY appreciated.  All the answers I found had calculation scripts that took into account two different field names, but nothing with a simple divide by interger.