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    Accessing Flash params from JavaScript


      I am starting out on Flex/Flash so if I am confusing terminology please let me know.

      I have a web page with video section (like in YouTube) using Flash and I have a button outside that section, on the regular html part of the page. When I click that button I want to somehow go to the Flash code playing the video and extract the elapsed time that the video has played for e.g. if the video has played for 2 min and 18 secs I want to get that back and display in an html label.

      From the research I have so far I find only the events going out of Flex/ActionScript but I couldn't find a way to have a JavaScript call come in and grab that information. Any thoughts on how I can do that or if I should be posting this somewhere else? I am using Rails so if there is anything pertinent to that that will be helpful.