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    CS3 Drop down menu


      I have used Fireworks and Dreamweaver for years and have just upgraded from Fireworks MX to CS3 Fireworks.

      I have created the same menu in each of these programs with the following results:

      http://www.lonestargcd.org/MXtemp.html ----- created using Fireworks MX

      http://www.lonestargcd.org/CS3temp.html ----- created using CS3 Fireworks

      The borders in the dropdown menus are crisp and clean in MX with the text centered vertically.

      The same menu created using CS3 Fireworks rendered the dropdown menus with borders not the same on each side--some thicker than others. Also the text is aligned to top of line and jammed up on the left side--I've tried everything to get it to move over---buffering and text indent. It does not look very professional.

      Any suggestions--I am extremely disappointed in CS3 Fireworks.

      Dorris Collmorgen