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    Flex Printing - Recommended Printer Spec

      Hi All,

      I'm seeing some inconsistent results when printing from Flex. I have 2 different printers:
      Printer 1: HP Laser Jet 1320
      Printer 2: HP Laser Jet 4250
      The object I'm sending to each printer consists of a PrintDataGrid object with approximately 2000 rows, which I am paging appropriately. When I send to printer 1, 162MB (!!) of data gets sent, and at times the print fails. When I send to printer 2, only 16MB of data gets sent and the print is consistently successful.

      Has anyone else seen behaviour like this? Is there a recommended printer spec for Flex printing? I've searched everywhere but can't find one. The only thing that I can think of is that printer 1 cannot accept compressed formats, whereas printer 2 can.

      Any help is greatly appreciated as this could be a showstopper for our application.