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    Issue with screen showing photos dark on one page, light on other page


      I've been using InDesign for years and have noticed something for a while but never questioned it until now. I have a document with grayscale photos throughout. On some pages, when I hold down and scroll between pages, the photos look 'normal' and then when I let my finger off the button, *most* the photos look lighter. This happens all the time, no matter what document I'm working on.


      But here's something weird. Today I noticed all my photos looked lighter except for three on the same page. Then when I moved them to a page above, they appeared lighter.


      Why would a photo show up 'light' on one page and 'dark' on another page, just by moving it within my InDesign layouts??


      (I'm working on a mac mini, OS10.7.5, 24" studio display 2008, 8 gb of RAM.)


      I took a couple of screen shots to illustrate my problem. Can anybody shed some light on this???