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    datetime xtype validation issue

    efish11 Level 1

      I am using a datetime widget to capture expiration date(custom project level property) for a asset


      I want to validate the date entered using the widget, to make sure date + time is not in the past (We would let user to enter today as expiration date, provided the time is in the future).


      I am able to call the call the validation functions separately for date and time i.e


      dateConfig {validator: function(value){return isAFutureDate(value);}} //here value is only date

      timeConfig {validator: function(value){return isAFutureDate(value);}} //here value is only time


      I tried calling a custom function on change event, but i am seeing-  this is not getting called. I tried something as simple as change: function(this,n,o){alert("my value was changed");}


      But i am not getting any alert messages


      How can i call a call a validation function easily, with the value of both of time and date sent to it


      Thanks in Advance

      CQ 5.5