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    Printing problem

      Hello everyone,

      I'm using Flash CS3, but using actionscript 2.

      I have seven Input Text boxes and a print button inside a movie clip that is displayed by a scroll component. The enduser scrolls though the list and enters text into text boxes as they see fit. Now, I want to print out whatever the enduser has entered.

      When I simply had a movie clip with text boxes on the stage, I was able to print it out. Now that this movie clip is in the library and being called by a scroll component, it displays fine but doesn't print out anything.

      Anyway, I was hoping someone might have a word of advice or could point me to a tutorial.

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          kglad Adobe Community Professional & MVP
          create a printjob instance and then create a movieclip that's contains exactly what you want to print arranged just the way you want it, add that movieclip to your printjob and send() your printjob.