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    Knockout Group containing Drop Shadows - PDF v1.4 InDesign


      Hi All,

      I am trying to find the ideal PDF export settings for InDesign that will correctly render transparencies which are inside a group in which this group then has a knockout applied to act as a mask (Hopefully the images help with this description)



      The first image shows the InDesign setup and the second image shows the exported PDF. The PDF is being exported to PDF version 1.4 with image compression at 72ppi.

      Things I have discovered:

      1. By going back to PDF v1.3 this transparencies issue are not there however, the file size is greatly increased.
      2. Increasing to image compression up to 200ppi while using the pdf v1.4 settings also removes the transparency issues however file size also increases

      These PDF's are generated and view via an online portal so file size is critical. The system (as in real life these files are created by InDesign Server, however the same thing happens with the desktop version) has been designed to export directly from InDesign to PDF so there is not really any option to introduce distiller


      Both the server and desktop versions are InDesign CS 5.5


      Any help someone can shed on this will be greatly appericated!