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    customer editable PDF from ID6?

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      I know my question has been answered a million times but I'm wrestling with a document and thought I'd turn to the crowd on this one.


      I've had success in the past making customer editable PDFs (i.e. forms) from InDesign. For whatever reason I'm struggling to get Acrobat to recognize the text fields I want to be active in a project I'm currently working on.


      In the past I've done more traditional forms that gather basic info like name, address, phone etc. But what I'm trying to create is a "template" gift certificate for a business where they can enter the amount and the service or product offered on their own without having InDesign. The basic goal is to maintain the branding and design we have across platforms (i.e. print/ web) without having my customer hitting me up every day for a custom build.


      Take a look below at the samples. First is a mock-up screen grab of the ID layout. I've blanked the specifics but you get the idea.

      Next shows the outline of the layout. The two empty text boxes represent the "editable" areas.


      When the document is exported as a PDF and the form regonition is run in Acrobat Pro, it's always the same message:


      "No new form field annotations were detected."


      Is here a way to "tag" boxes in InDesign? Is this something I should be asking the Acrobat folks?


      I'm stumped. If anyone could shed some light, I'd appreciate it.




      Screen Shot 2013-02-20 at 9.41.33 PM.png


      Screen Shot 2013-02-20 at 9.57.24 PM.png