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    Transition Controls Not Updating in Timeline when using Merc. Engine with CUDA or OpenCL

    AtonMusic Level 2

      Hi ---


      This seem to be a serious BUG in the Mercury Engine (Unless I am missing something obvious) ;-)


      1) I am applying a simple cross dissolve to two clips

      2) I'll select the cross disolve and goto its effect controls (To make it look right)

      3) In the effect controls I can see the A to B images changing as I drag the controls. As they should.

      4) They do NOT update in the timeline


      IF I switch Mercury Engine to Software Only... The timeline updates just fine....


      Whether CUDA or OpenCL... Both having same problem and makes this feature VOID when used with either...



      Any advice, Correction and workaround would be greatly appreciated...




      rMBP - 1GB NVIDIA Graphics - Mountain Lion 10.8.2 - PPRO Latest