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    Export FLV Alpha getting a white puppet

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      Hi thanks for looking in.

      I created a Puppet animation using the 'pin-tool' went to export it as an FLV for size and upon opening I am getting a white Alpha character where my detailed puppet should be.  What am I missing here?

      I want to export my Puppet with an Alpha BG not an Alpha character? I would like the webpage to show through the BG and not be on a Black BG....


      Settings are:

      Resolution: Half--Did not need a 1920 x 1080

      Format FLV

      Output Info On2 vp6

      Bitrate 1600.00kbps


      Include: Project Link


      Channels: Alpha

      Depth: Mill of Clr

      Color: Pre-Multiplied

      Final size 960x540


      Output to FLVAlpha