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    Flash Builder 4.7 installer won't run...

    Laurence MacNeill Level 1

      So, I'm trying to install Flash Builder 4.7.  I have a key, and I got to the point where I had to enter my key (and my old key, since I have an upgrade key to 4.7).  It took the keys, validated them, said they were valid, made me log in with my Adobe ID and password, then it said "Installing", showed 1% complete and the computer immediately rebooted.  Just *poof* and it was rebooting -- no BSOD, no error messages, nothing.


      Since then, I've tried multiple times to run the installer again, and it gets through "Initializing Installer" then quits.  No error message, nothing.  It just quits.  I've deleted the Adobe Flash Builder 4 Install Files folder every time before trying to re-install.  But no luck...


      I'm on Windows Server 2003, logged in as the Administrator (just to be safe, I've been right-clicking the install file and selecting Run As... and telling it to use the Adminstrator account and un-selecting the "use restricted access" check-box.  So it's most definitely running it as an Administrator with no restrictions on access or anything...  And it still quits after the "Initializing Installer" thingy gets 100% done.


      So what's going on here?  Why will this not install?  I assume there's some kind of left-over something from when the installer caused the computer to re-boot the first time it ran -- so how do I find and delete those left-over things?  I need to get this thing installed!


      Any help will be appreciated.